CHANEL Mademoiselle

At the Chanel Soho Opening

Blake Lively: Chanel Soho Opening

Karl Lagerfeld & Blake Lively

Karl Lagerfeld has decided who the new official face of the “Mademoiselle” handbag line is….Blake Lively! It only seems right since her alter-ego is Serena van der Woodsen.  According to Chanel News–“Her spontaneity and fresh, youth image have convinced Chanel that she is the right person to represent the house and this range of bags.”

Anna Wintour introduced Lively to Lagerfeld at dinner in Paris during Chanel’s couture show last July.

Karl Lagerfeld is scheduled to photograph the launch of the “MADEMOISELLE” campaign in mid-March 2011.

I am certain the campaign photos will look amazing since Karl is the man behind the camera.

Here is a spread from Harper’s Bazaar Espanol photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

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