Vincent Cassel

Vincent and his wife, Monica Bellucci

The New York Times Magazine has recently done a sequence called “14 Actors Acting”. They chose performers who have defined cinema in 2010 and these clips portray the essence of previous generations. By watching you will see why they are such classics.

You might remember Vincent from Oceans 12 or his more recent film, The Black Swan where he plays the ballet director. He is the leading man in France and has been making his way in the American film industry. My favorite clip from “14 Actors Acting” is performed by Vincent Cassel.

^He is reenacting Fred Astaire who has been in many classics such as Funny Face with Audrey Hepurn.


^The Laser dance performed by Vincent in Oceans 12

The song is always on my playlists! Thé à la Menthe by La Caution

picture by: Ellen von Unwerth

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