Environmental Rules Force Luxury Brands to Downsize

New Concepts

MERCEDES The carmaker showed an A-Class concept vehicle in New York.

The Cygnet, left, from Aston Martin, the British ultraluxury brand

Land Rover’s striking, $44,000 Range Rover Evoque crossover is the lightest, most fuel-efficient Rover in history. Powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder rather than a beefy V-8, the Evoque earns a federal highway rating of 28 m.p.g.

Jaguar C X16 Concept

Infinity G37 Coupe- 330 horsepower

Lexus bills its CT 200h as the world’s first compact luxury hybrid hatchback. BMW plans to begin leasing small numbers of its Active E, an all-electric version of its perky 1 Series coupe, in urban markets. Small sedans, crossovers or hatchbacks are in the works from Cadillac, Mercedes, Lincoln, Porsche and more.

pictures & quotes- nytimes.com

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