On This Date: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Opened in NYC

One hundred and forty years ago…

on February 20, 1872

The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened its doors to the public for the first time.

Wood engraving of the Museum’s opening reception published in Frank Leslie’s Weekly, March 9, 1872.

The famed Metropolitan Museum of Art isn’t just a New York City landmark, it is a world renowned and cultural icon.  Home to two million square feet of over an equally remarkable two million objects, the Met boasts more than just a handful of the greatest art collections of all time, from all over the world.  The doors to the Met opened to the public on February 20, 1872 and since then has become acclaimed for hosting the largest collection of Egyptian art outside of Cairo, a total of 36,00 ancient Egyptian objects.  This legendary  New York institution also boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of American art including paintings, sculptures and decorative objects, in addition to hosting one of the greatest known European painting collections in the world.

– The Business Insider


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