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Atessa Nicole Photography + Gabrielle Green

I was inspired by Pop Art while editing this particular photograph

Model: Gabrielle Green

Photographed and Edited by: Atessa Nicole

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Photos that caught my eye…

Simple and beautiful shots…enjoy!

-Atessa Nicole

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I do not own the rights to any of these photographs.

Brazilian Girls

In 2005 I purchased this CD– Milano Fashion 4. The album has a wonderful selection of music from different bands. That is when I discovered the group Brazilian Girls. Since 2003 the group has perfected their unique sound which is not confined by one specific genre. Their sound is funky and eclectic by a combination of latin, rock, reggae, house and lounge.  The lead vocalist, Sabina Sciubba, uses her talent of being fluent in more than 6 languages when writing the lyrics.

Sabina Sciubba: “As far as what I bring into the music– obviously it’s languages and melodies. Also, Didi and Aaron (the drummer and keyboardist) are New York musicians so they have absorbed elements from African music, punk, waltz etc. New York is a very fertile ground for collaborations. If you have talent and you know what you want to do people are very receptive.”

  • Vocalist: Sabina Sciubba
  • Drummer: Aaron Johnston
  • Keyboardist: Didi Gutman

If you were wondering–none of the band members are actually from Brazil. The members hail from Argentina, Italy, and the U.S. –the synthesis of different cultures is definitely noticed in their works.

-Atessa Nicole

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Harper’s Bazaar Spain

Alessandra Ambrosio for the cover shoot of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. Photographed by Nico and styled by Juan Cebrian (good job!). The sharp quality, extreme lighting, and white backdrop are just perfect…me encanta!

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The Catwalk and Photos from the 90s

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I love the snapshots…photography that’s more natural and not posed. I always try to create that look in my pictures.

Catwalk–a documentary from the 90’s directed by Robert Leacockin. The cameras follows model Christy Turlington through the fashion shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. The footage unveils several designers such as: Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Galliano, Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld and Isaac Mizrahi. Supermodels at that time were muses for these designers and it’s clear to see how they influence one another.


My favorite place away from home

Ravello, Italy

Ravello has served historically as a destination for artists, musicians, and writers, including Richard Wagner, M. C. Escher, Giovanni Boccaccio, Virginia Woolf, and Gore Vidal.

In the Spring and Fall–Ravello becomes the destination for music lovers who meet every year to listen to the concerts held in the gardens and the rooms of Villa Rufolo.

A few pictures I took:


Lorena Azizeh–artist, designer (jewelry & fashion) and an inspiration for many. What inspires her? L.A.: “I’m inspired by individuality and embracing your own personality and style.” I would say she’s her own muse. Below are the pictures I took of Azizeh for her line. All of the jewelry she is wearing– is made by her. If you’re interested in her other designs (clothing & jewelry) check for updates! I will be working with her on a new spread for her line in the coming days.

photography inquiries: theamusedeye@yahoo.com

check out her blog at: http://rocksmystyle.com

Jewelry designed and made by: Lorena Azizeh (also the model)

Photographed by: Atessa