Brazilian Girls

In 2005 I purchased this CD– Milano Fashion 4. The album has a wonderful selection of music from different bands. That is when I discovered the group Brazilian Girls. Since 2003 the group has perfected their unique sound which is not confined by one specific genre. Their sound is funky and eclectic by a combination of latin, rock, reggae, house and lounge. ┬áThe lead vocalist, Sabina Sciubba, uses her talent of being fluent in more than 6 languages when writing the lyrics.

Sabina Sciubba: “As far as what I bring into the music– obviously it’s languages and melodies. Also, Didi and Aaron (the drummer and keyboardist) are New York musicians so they have absorbed elements from African music, punk, waltz etc. New York is a very fertile ground for collaborations. If you have talent and you know what you want to do people are very receptive.”

  • Vocalist: Sabina Sciubba
  • Drummer: Aaron Johnston
  • Keyboardist: Didi Gutman

If you were wondering–none of the band members are actually from Brazil. The members hail from Argentina, Italy, and the U.S. –the synthesis of different cultures is definitely noticed in their works.

-Atessa Nicole

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