Favorite duo~ Penelope & Johnny


57th and 5th Avenue by Atessa Nicole


Balloons on Park Ave. by Atessa Nicole


Real or Fake? by Atessa Nicole

Soho street style 

real or fake by atessa nicole

Beautiful 4th of July in the Austin City Limits

I fell in love with my friend’s iPhone this weekend…I downloaded the Instagram app and sparks were flying (and not just for the 4th of July ha-ha)

Here’s how it went-

Me: “Hey uh..charmaine..umm can I see your iPhone for a sec?? Thanks.”

…5 minutes later…

Me: “OH uh yeah can I just..REALLY QUICK! REALLY QUICK!”

…2 minutes later…

Me: “Ok so-and-so texted, want me to write back for you? It’ll just be easier if I act like your personal assistant and respond to texts so I can take pics. You know… BE EFFICIENT! haha!” (with a crazy psycho laugh at the end)

Here are some shots I took with Charmaine’s phone (thanks charmz and thank you apple!)

The Capital of Texas
Pool Time

Boot Shopping

Real Texas Boots

Allen Boots 1522 South Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704
Checking out Boots

Our dear former gavvvaanah of California- Arnold got his boots there too !

South Congress Cafe- 1600 South Congress AvenueAustin, TX 78704

 We had a delicious brunch at South Congress Cafe + all of the people eating there looked like they belonged in an indie film.

Jo's Cafe -300 South Congress Austin, Texas 78704

Our new boots boxed up and relaxing at Jo's Cafe

Bye bye Austin