One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.


3 shots by Atessa

1. WEST VILLAGE13207_230789783724381_2026970218_n

2. JEFFREY’S GROCERY [a favorite New York restaurant] 537880_231450493658310_934662989_n

3. FLORENCE, ITALY [fiat 500]549364_230213327115360_983640693_n

57th and 5th Avenue by Atessa Nicole


the mona lisa, stolen

One of the greatest crimes of the twentieth century took place in 1911…

For centuries Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has lived in France. Napoleon had her in his bedroom, Louis XIV brought her to Versailles, and eventually she graced the walls of the Louvre. An Italian Louvre employee was resentful of the fact that this painting wasn’t in its homeland. To restore the Mona Lisa to Italy, Vincenzo Peruggia hid her under his coat when the museum closed for the day and took her to Florence. Two years later, Peruggia was caught and the Mona Lisa was returned to Paris. Peruggia, unlike most robbers, was hailed as a patriotic hero and given a mere 7 months in jail.