Mario Testino’s “Todo o Nada” Exhibition in Rome

The exhibition opened Thursday Evening at Fondazione Memmo displayed 54 Testino images. The show’s theme: the beautiful, sensual tension that exists between being clothed and being nude.

“As a concept, it often inspires me, the balance between the two opposites,” said Testino.

Testino’s after-part was at al Al Biondo Tevere, where in 1975 director Pier Paolo Pasolini sat for his last supper before his mystery death. History is, after all, everywhere.

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Designer: Lorena Azizeh + Atessa Nicole Photography

Lorena Azizeh has finally launched a website for her collection.Cheers Azizeh! 

Her website: AZIZEH

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New Photos for the line: Lorena Azizeh !

All of the jewelry and pieces of clothing are designed and created by LORENA AZIZEH (model)

Photographed by myself.

For more info about the line Lorena Azizeh visit:

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Lorena Azizeh–artist, designer (jewelry & fashion) and an inspiration for many. What inspires her? L.A.: “I’m inspired by individuality and embracing your own personality and style.” I would say she’s her own muse. Below are the pictures I took of Azizeh for her line. All of the jewelry she is wearing– is made by her. If you’re interested in her other designs (clothing & jewelry) check for updates! I will be working with her on a new spread for her line in the coming days.

photography inquiries:

check out her blog at:

Jewelry designed and made by: Lorena Azizeh (also the model)

Photographed by: Atessa