10/10 song of the day: La Femme d’argent by Air

Air is a music duo from Versailles, France consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. Nicolas Godin studied architecture at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles whereas Jean-Benoît Dunckel studied mathematics before forming a band in 1995. 

Lazy Sunday Song- I:Cube~ Adore

I:Cube is Frenchman Nicholas Chaix. This DJ and producer is one of ze best. His first notable release was a remix of Daft Punk’s Around the World in 1996. Daft Punk later remixed I:Cube’s own track Disco Cubizm.

I:Cube tracks are usually released on compilation albums like the Hotel Costes series. This song Adore  is one of my favorites. It’s great as background music for a dinner party,  driving in your car in the hellish traffic, laying by the pool, waiting for your next flight, a train ride…the list goes on!

Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

Amy Winehouse Found Dead + an impersonation video from me

Amy Winehouse was found dead July 23rd at her London flat at the age of 27.

I made this video in 2009…It’s me singing (I’ve had a few ppl ask me if i’m singing) RIP to those who suffered from addiction.

Beautiful 4th of July in the Austin City Limits

I fell in love with my friend’s iPhone this weekend…I downloaded the Instagram app and sparks were flying (and not just for the 4th of July ha-ha)

Here’s how it went-

Me: “Hey uh..charmaine..umm can I see your iPhone for a sec?? Thanks.”

…5 minutes later…

Me: “OH uh yeah can I just..REALLY QUICK! REALLY QUICK!”

…2 minutes later…

Me: “Ok so-and-so texted, want me to write back for you? It’ll just be easier if I act like your personal assistant and respond to texts so I can take pics. You know… BE EFFICIENT! haha!” (with a crazy psycho laugh at the end)

Here are some shots I took with Charmaine’s phone (thanks charmz and thank you apple!)

The Capital of Texas
Pool Time

Boot Shopping

Real Texas Boots

Allen Boots 1522 South Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704
Checking out Boots

Our dear former gavvvaanah of California- Arnold got his boots there too !

South Congress Cafe- 1600 South Congress AvenueAustin, TX 78704

 We had a delicious brunch at South Congress Cafe + all of the people eating there looked like they belonged in an indie film.

Jo's Cafe -300 South Congress Austin, Texas 78704

Our new boots boxed up and relaxing at Jo's Cafe

Bye bye Austin

Eliza Doolittle

Discovered her while I was in Italy, she has such a lovely voice–she even makes Cee-Lo’s single “F*ck You” sound nice…

Eliza was born in Westminster, London on April 15, 1988. Her debut self-titled album was released July 12, 2010 and landed the # 3 spot in the UK charts.

Like This!


Brazilian Girls

In 2005 I purchased this CD– Milano Fashion 4. The album has a wonderful selection of music from different bands. That is when I discovered the group Brazilian Girls. Since 2003 the group has perfected their unique sound which is not confined by one specific genre. Their sound is funky and eclectic by a combination of latin, rock, reggae, house and lounge.  The lead vocalist, Sabina Sciubba, uses her talent of being fluent in more than 6 languages when writing the lyrics.

Sabina Sciubba: “As far as what I bring into the music– obviously it’s languages and melodies. Also, Didi and Aaron (the drummer and keyboardist) are New York musicians so they have absorbed elements from African music, punk, waltz etc. New York is a very fertile ground for collaborations. If you have talent and you know what you want to do people are very receptive.”

  • Vocalist: Sabina Sciubba
  • Drummer: Aaron Johnston
  • Keyboardist: Didi Gutman

If you were wondering–none of the band members are actually from Brazil. The members hail from Argentina, Italy, and the U.S. –the synthesis of different cultures is definitely noticed in their works.

-Atessa Nicole

Like This!


André Rieu

One of my favorite songs played by André and his orchestra in Tuscany:

The Godfather Theme 😉

A clip of  him playing before the Ajax-Olympic Marseille game.

Over 50,000 people are singing and waving their flags to the tunes of The Second Waltz.

André Rieu –was born on October 1, 1949 in Maastricht in the Netherlands. He grew up surrounded by classical music: symphonies, chamber music and opera. His father, a professional conductor, encouraged him to start taking lessons at the age of five.

A.R.: “You know that solemn atmosphere you find in the concert hall with classical music, and how it intimidates most people and keeps them away? With us, it is simply not there. My orchestra consists of young, enthusiastic musicians, who put their heart and soul into the music every evening when they play in our concerts.”

Now, Rieu is known as the waltz king.  His orchestra has performed all over the world– winning several awards.

One of the things I love most about watching his concerts is seeing the relationship between the his orchestra and the audience. He has such an amazing presence on the stage. He speaks multiple languages such as French, German, Italian, etc. His orchestra is like a family and when you watch them perform together, you see the beauty of human relationship and how people can work together to create beautiful sounds.

A.R.: “My dream is to make the whole of classical music accessible for everyone.”

A Change is Gonna Come

In dedication to Martin Luther King–one of my favorite songs by Sam Cooke which was recorded in 1965 as a protest song to support the civil rights movement. His voice gives me goose bumps…THE MAN CAN SING

“Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King