Bop Decameron~ Wood Allen’s Next Film + Penelope Cruz

Woody Allen is filming his next release, “Bop Decameron” in the heart of Rome. The $25-million movie is based on a collection of 100 medieval tales written by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio in the 14th century. The cast includes several Italian actors like Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful), as well as American actors Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Judy Davis, Ellen Page (Juno), Alec Baldwin and Allen himself.

“Every time has been like making declarations of love for certain places and projecting onto the screen my feelings for the places which have counted most in my life,” Allen said to an Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “I hope to do the same with Rome.”

Meanwhile, Allen’s Midnight in Paris is becoming the highest-grossing movie of his career.


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Mario Testino’s “Todo o Nada” Exhibition in Rome

The exhibition opened Thursday Evening at Fondazione Memmo displayed 54 Testino images. The show’s theme: the beautiful, sensual tension that exists between being clothed and being nude.

“As a concept, it often inspires me, the balance between the two opposites,” said Testino.

Testino’s after-part was at al Al Biondo Tevere, where in 1975 director Pier Paolo Pasolini sat for his last supper before his mystery death. History is, after all, everywhere.

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Rainy Day in Rome + Atessa Nicole Photography

Today in Houston we are finally experiencing some much needed rain- which I love! It reminded me of this lovely day in Roma…

enjoy your rainy day 🙂

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Voguettes: Antonine Peduzzi and Luisa Orsini ((TL-180))

Antonine and Luisa with their bags in hand from their line–TL-180

I discovered the creative duo in an issue of Elle France over one year ago. Antonine and Luisa have been mentioned in several fashion magazines because of their line, TL-180. Their collection is a representation of their boho-chic style. Each item is made by hand and available only in London, Tokyo, Paris, and Turin.

Luisa and Antonine–both are half French and half Italian with degrees in architecture (Antonine) and fashion (Luisa). Their collaboration began shortly after they met in Rome 7 years ago during a party at Villa Medici. They had both just finished their studies, so the timing was perfect.

“We had the luck to meet the German artist Anselm Kiefer. We were both struck by him and we began to paint.” The painting and creativity inspired Antonine and Luisa to begin their project. “From the canvas we decided to create a clutch.” TL-180 was launched–T for “Tine” (Antonine’s nickname), L for Luisa, and 180 for their height. A series of fortunate encounters transformed their brand into a business.

“Kiefer taught us the importance of working with the material. Researching the fabrics and the multiple ways they can be alternated.” Their handbags have high quality leathers that undergo treatments which make them appear rougher. Evening bags and clutches are produced in Rome and the larger bags are created in Milan. Expect more from these two designers because handbags are not their only passion. “Our motto is our union which is our strength. We like the idea of widening our horizons towards art, photography, design, etc. We’ve always thought that there weren’t divisions between these genres, and we do know that we live very instinctively, by feelings and this is why we don’t rule anything out.”



Other interests
“We love movies, drawing, taking pictures, traveling.”



“We love  going to markets to look for all kinds of objects and then mix them with our personal things, our family pieces, or to make necklaces. We love it!
And we also love rings.”


“We love hats, we have a huge collection! Soon we’ll be designing them.”

Favorite store

Fratelli Viganò.

Favorite clothes

“We always change our favorites. At the moment…
Tine: Chloè shirt with pierrot collar.
Luisa: A long ’30s dress (vintage).

Favorite music

Tine: “I love all kinds of music, like rock or bands like the Talking Heads. But I also adore French music, Italian music (Jacques Brel, Brassens, Mina, De andre, Battisti…) and ’80s music (for singing and dancing!)”
Luisa: “Pink Floyd, Radiohead… and lately Grizzly Bear and LCD, Soundsystem. I’m also a victom of the music from the ’60s and ’70s.”

Favorite drink

Luisa: Martini with ice and lemon.
Tine: Smoothies.

Favorite designers

Margiela, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Givenchy.

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ROMA -dolce & gabbana martini gold ad

This Dolce & Gabbana Martini Gold ad with Monica Bellucci was filmed in Rome (parts are in the neighborhood of Trastevere).  I used to live in Trastevere and I must say, there is no place like it. Every week you were bound to see a movie being filmed…it really is a charming area.

some of my photos from trastevere:

^One day there were filming a movie with Isabella Ferrari

^Good Caffe- this is the place to go per un cafe

that’s-ah me-ah on-ah vespaaa