Lazy Sunday Song- I:Cube~ Adore

I:Cube is Frenchman Nicholas Chaix. This DJ and producer is one of ze best. His first notable release was a remix of Daft Punk’s Around the World in 1996. Daft Punk later remixed I:Cube’s own track Disco Cubizm.

I:Cube tracks are usually released on compilation albums like the Hotel Costes series. This song Adore  is one of my favorites. It’s great as background music for a dinner party,  driving in your car in the hellish traffic, laying by the pool, waiting for your next flight, a train ride…the list goes on!

Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

il pescatore + amalfi coast


location: amalfi coast, italia

Ralph Lauren Designs His Daughter’s Wedding Gown

Recently wed Dylan Lauren (owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar) is shown in this photo from Vogue wearing her wedding gown designed by the famous American designer and her father- Ralph Lauren. Bravo Ralph!