Casamigos~ George Clooney caught in bed with Cindy Crawford

A Short Film by Casamigos Tequila: Written and Produced by George Clooney

featuring: Cindy Crawfod, Stacy Keibler, Rande Gerber and George

1.5-DSC_99581-DSC_0006At the Foutainbleu Hotel in Miami to promote their new tequila- Casamigos

10/10 song of the day: La Femme d’argent by Air

Air is a music duo from Versailles, France consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. Nicolas Godin studied architecture at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles whereas Jean-Benoît Dunckel studied mathematics before forming a band in 1995. 

Amy Winehouse Found Dead + an impersonation video from me

Amy Winehouse was found dead July 23rd at her London flat at the age of 27.

I made this video in 2009…It’s me singing (I’ve had a few ppl ask me if i’m singing) RIP to those who suffered from addiction.

Tutu! [video] for Amused Eye

Another lovely afternoon with Joy and Gabrielle!

Video by: Joy Kennedy

Music: “Lucky” by Lucky Twice & “Good Time” by Brazilian Girls

Like This!


  • Gabrielle Green seen in tutu
  • Atessa Barazandeh- photographer
  • Joy Kennedy- filming & seen in fur coat

Hype Williams

“Amazing” by Kanye West
“Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
“Video Phone” by Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga
“Gettin Jiggy With It” by Will Smith
“Big Pimpin” by Jay-Z
“Big Poppa” by Notorious B.I.G
“California Love” by Tupac feat. Dr. Dre
“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye West
“Empire State of Mind” by Jay-z feat. Alicia Keys
“Forever” by Drake
“Gold Digger” by Kanye West feat. Jamie Fox
“Heartless” by Kanye West
“I Believe I Can Fly” by R Kelly
“No Scrubs” by TLC
“We R Who We R” by KE$HA
“Stronger” by Kanye West
“Rock The Boat” by Aaliyah
“Number One” by Pharrell Williams

^Just to name a few of the music videos he’s directed…

Harold “Hype” Williams hails from Queens, New York. He is an American music video and film director. He grew up aspiring to become a painter like Basquiat and Keith Haring. However, he took the street approach by doing graffiti throughout the city. He used “Hype” as his tag name-which has now become his fame name. He studied film in the 80’s at Adelphi University and joined Classic Concept Productions, where he swept the floors on the sets of golden-age rap video shoots. Soon after he launched his own production company.

By 1996 he became an award winning director–taking home awards left and right.

In 1998 he directed the film Belly starring rappers DMX, Nas, and Method Man.

A few of his signature styles: using the Fish eye lens which distorts the camera view around the central focus.

Another one involves placing shots in regular widescreen ratio, while a second shot is split and placed in the upper and lower bars. Videos that use this style–“I Ain’t Heard of That” by Slim Thug, “So Sick” by Ne-Yo, “In My Hood” by Young Jeezy, “Check On It” by Beyoncé, “Snap Yo Fingers” by Lil Jon and many others.

Hype Williams

^”Amazing” by Kanye West, one of my favorite music videos directed by Hype

^With over 76 million views, New York by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys